Kim Michelle Toft

Silk Artist | Author | Illustrator

Environmental Picture Books

More than just a picture book …

  • Positive environmental message
  • Exquisite hand painted silk illustrations
  • Educational and fun to read using prose style text
  • Extension information in the back of each book
  • Multi award winning both nationally and internationally

The Glad Not Sad Book
$25 Hardcover

Coral Sea Dreaming
$18 paperback

I Can Swim A Rainbow
$18 paperback
$12 CD
$25 Book and CD

A Sea Of Words
$18 paperback

Tick Tock Tick Tock What’s Up Croc?
$18 paperback

Recipe For Perfect Planet Pie
$18 hardcover @ paperback price

Alphabet Frieze
Digital Download $9
Hardcopy $12

The World That We Want
$18 paperback

Turtle’s Song
$18 paperback

The Twelve Underwater Days Of Christmas
$25 Hardcover plus poster
$12 CD
$30 Book and CD

One Less Fish
$18 paperback

Neptune’s Nursery
$18 paperback

Book In A Bag

20% donated to disadvantaged schools